High-school + Drugs = Reality

High School LEGOS

The Education System in a Nutshell

 LEGOS are used by children all over to build their dreams, and inspire them to use bigger, better media. Likewise, school uses all sorts of “LEGOS” to try inspire us to do… well the same boring jobs that everyone else in society wants to do. I have never had a teacher who told me that I could do something fun in my life, like build treehouses, or become a food critic for fine cuisine around the world. Instead the idea of doctors, and chemists, and engineers have been placed in my head which is disgusting and makes the term “job” accurate. Instead of a “job” wouldn’t we all rather do something that is “fun”. Maybe if instead of putting on a fake smile while we go to the job we HATE, we could go to the lower paying ones and enjoy life and let our old position be filled by someone who would genuinely enjoy that line of work. But why do we find it necessary to do this “job” that we HATE so much? I think it’s because the teachers only have one set of LEGOS in their classroom and they give the same thing to all the students. But every student is unique and different. Some want LEGO Princess, and some want Starwars. Some want the big blocks, and some want those tiny ones I never found a need for. But maybe I’m being too critical, and maybe everyone should get the same blocks. That might not be so bad if the teachers just let us make what we wanted out of the limited supply of blocks we’re given, but instead, they give us vague instruction booklets, and have the AUDACITY to grade STUDENTS on their ability to follow the booklet. But that’s a great skill to teach kids isn’t it. To copy things as much as they can without really thinking about what they’re doing? Yes, I’ve taken page after page of biology notes not reading anything that I was writing. Sorry Mrs. Brown. But why is it that teachers think that their building blocks are one size fits all? TEACHERS, EDUCATION IS NOT A SNUGGIE!!! IT IS NOT ONE SIZE FITS ALL. I would like my education to be tailored to me. You know why? Because I don’t care at all about history really. I don’t think we should have it. But am I still going to take APUSH and dominate in it? Yes I am. But would I rather have an environmental engineering class instead? YES! But going back to the teachers, yes, they will say they understand that all students are different, and yes, they will say that they are doing their best to help everyone, but they really aren’t doing that at all. Never before have I seen a teacher hand out 30 different projects to students where they each got to choose a topic and go for it. My current English teacher, Mr. Montreal, might turn out to be a slight exception, but he is still forcing us to do blogs instead of any type of media. Perhaps I’m into tangible print Mr. Montreal.

Now I ask you, how are we as teenagers supposed to create something new and different, when our population is overdosed with the same generic building blocks? How are we as a society going to progress when we are addicted to copying what has already been done? I could copy the alphabet a million times but it would still only have 26 letters. On the contrary, I could draw one random shape a million times, and I would have just made the 27th letter to the alphabet.


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