High-school + Drugs = Reality

The Savant Generation

changingmantoboyThere’s a stage in life where one is filled with the knowledge of the world. No it’s not old age, but teenage. This is a special time in life because we (myself included), as teenagers are oppressed by the lesser species known as adults. I do not know why adults are so inferior but I believe that there are two likely reasons. The first reason is the word “NO”. And the second reason (the one I will discuss in this post) is that adults are already mired in their ways. Now teenagers believe that they stand for things, but what do they really stand for? NOTHING. Not because teenagers aren’t moral creatures, but because we haven’t had long  enough to develop a set of morals and establish our point of view on society yet. This is easily seen in parents. For example, kids so often talk about “Oh when I’m a parent I’m going to let my kid eat ice cream for dinner,” when in fact, they will most likely end up being just like their parents and everything they fantasized about will be just that, a fantasy. But it’s not a bad thing that teenagers change their opinion so often, in fact, it’s very beneficial. Teenagers have the opportunity to change for the better so that they can improve their lives. Parents , however, are stuck to suffer with whatever opinions and skills they had when they made the transition for adolescence to adulthood. In this evolving generation, parents just don’t fit. It’s like no mom, I don’t want to show you how to send a text message, and why can’t you set up your own Facebook account. But we do owe a lot to our parents, like life, and food, but they need to understand that the world is changing too fast for them to understand. Adults reject progress, change, anything different. This makes perfect sense though, why would they want to risk their family’s security and go off the beaten path? Surely no good father would allow their baby girl to grow up in foster care by going for his dream that only has the slimmest margin for success. But this internal safety device is really the downfall of parents. Because of it they are biologically unable to keep up with today’s youth. They must recognize their place as platforms for the next generations success rather than the main attraction.

As of now, I’m unlike Pope Leo X and I would actually welcome your criticisms against me. I understand that I’m not perfect and I want to be the best I can before I am mired in my opinions and it is too late to change them for the better.


2 responses

  1. I like this post, and as one of them “Old Folk” I think that some of these observations are right and others not so much. First, a lot of what you ascribe to “adults” I believe is truer of “parents”. The two are not the same thing because having children is OPTIONAL. Always remember that. I think that there is a real mental and perhaps even biological change when one has a child. My wife and I deliberately chose not to be parents and we have never regretted it, but it does make us very different.

    Your observation that Experience Counts is accurate. You’ll never know how much is enough until you know how much is too much – but that lesson can hurt. I also think it is true that as you (note the pronoun) age you become more “settled”. Part of this is that when you are young everything is new and different, but once you have been around long enough for things to become familiar, you will find that the familiar is comfortable and pleasant and less risky. With experience you also come to realize that just because something is New it does not necessarily mean that it is Better. Lots of new stuff is actually inconvenient and annoying crap and it only exists because everyone wants to look young and “cool” by embracing the latest fad. Youth actually has enormous power in this way, especially in the world of consumerism.

    My final piece of Old Folk advice is – it is easy to be a non-conformist to a group to which you do not belong anyway. No one (reasonable) expects youth to look and act and think like older adults. But if you want to be a REAL rebel, be a non-conformist against your own age-group and natural constituency. You won’t be popular, but you will learn a LOT about humanity – albeit some not so agreeable.

    January 17, 2014 at 10:54 am

    • I think you’re right. I’ve been fiddling with the idea between parents and adults for a while since I’ve read this comment this morning and I agree. For example, my Freshman coach and I are still tight and we talk about actual life and he seems open to ideas and all the new things that are out while my varsity coach… Well he’s my coach and he has my respect but we don’t share the same bond type. Also, I do think that some of the new stuff is stupid, like have you seen new cartoons?

      January 18, 2014 at 6:07 am

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