High-school + Drugs = Reality

Talking to myself

Sometimes we completely  overvalue ourselves and our places in the bottom of society. I mean, I’m not a king, or world renowned in ANY area. Google doesn’t even know my last name. Yet despite this, I think that getting a B is the end of the world. But this isn’t just my problem, it’s my generations problem. We think that everything we do matters to someone. But honestly, it doesn’t. Try to be honest with yourself, and ask does anyone really CARE. Will anyone REALLY care if I get an F on this test? How much sleep is the teacher going to lose? Is your dog going to start avoiding you? How about your friends? The truth, is no one really cares about what you do, but they do care about how you make them feel. I have absolutely no idea what my first crush did to make me like her. I guess she was just a cute little blonde girl, but I remember how she made me feel. She gave me butterflies when we talked, a grin when I looked at her, and a reason to look forward to going to school. And that’s pretty much all I remember about her. That isn’t a bad thing, it’s human. And this “human” trait has been around for thousands of years. Oedipus for example saved Thebes from the Sphinx, yet due to events completely out of his control, his people ran him out of the city. How could they run their beloved king out of the town he single-handedly saved, for simply carrying out what the Fates had fated him to do? Simply because people don’t remember or care about what you’ve done, but they remember and care about how they feel. With Oedipus still in the city, the Thebans felt endangered and scared. So for the rest of Oedipus’ life, he was pushed from place to place because people around him felt fear which was far easier for them to remember than the deeds he had long ago accomplished. Even before Oedipus and Sophocles, there was the Bible. And in the Bible, there is Heaven and Hell. Everyone knows that God is in Heaven and Satan is in Hell, and everyone knows that God stands for everything good and righteous, and Satan stands for evil. But does anyone remember WHY Satan is where he is, or do they just remember him as an evil figure?


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