High-school + Drugs = Reality

The Idea of Sport

epic dunkHere’s a little quiz for you

  1. What is it that makes sport so appealing to man?
  2. What is it that makes us spend hundreds of dollars on courtside seats to a game but we don’t go to the park and play for free?

To answer Number 1, I think that sport is appealing to man because it takes us back to the days of animal life where we were judged for who we were and what we could do. And by this I mean, survival of the fittest. And we, as the children of the fittest, should naturally feel pleased in a setting where our dominance could be expressed and where we are challenged and rise to the occasion. If I have lost you thus far, then I am the one who has failed the test. But if not…

To answer Number 2, I think that this can only apply to certain individuals as all things only apply to certain individuals. I think that the reason we would rather watch a game than play it is because we weren’t all meant to survive nature. Simply put, our ancestors got lucky. They were supposed to die since they didn’t have the skills they needed, but nature gives a fat screw you to the expected and raises its glass to the unexpected. Well thank you nature, I’m glad you let me live even though I am most likely from the unfit survivors.


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