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Idea vs. Procedure

IDEAWhich is more valuable, the idea, or knowing how to turn that idea into reality? I would argue that the idea is more valuable than the procedure because sooner or later, you will find someone who is smarter than you. They will be able to do all the work you do in a day, in an hour, they will remember everything that has happened, they will mentally destroy you. But they will never have an idea in the same way as you, and that is what makes humans unique. Even though ideas can be so similar that they can barely be told apart, the motivations, the background information, and the purpose will vary in some way. So this leads to the question, is there a such thing as a bad idea, or are there only good ideas that can’t be carried out properly? For example, not ever going to school seems like a bad idea, but then when you start to think about, people did that for thousands of years and were fine. And if you ask an adult what they learned in school, they won’t remember 99% of it. So, if you take out the learning part since the things learned could be negligible depending on the person, then what are you left with? You’re left with more time in which  you could pursue something you like such as art, music, television. You may not be “successful” but who has the right to determine your level of success other than you? Another bad idea would be to burn down your neighbors house. Well, what better way is there to make your house nicer, than to start all over? And since you’re burning it, your neighbor could get insurance to cover it (possibly) and then what is the real harm? Just try to imagine all of the great ideas that are lost because people worried about the procedure to make their dreams realities. If they just asked someone smarter than them and more well connected, their idea could have changed the world. But the problem is, people are selfish and they refuse to share their idea with the world because of that. They would rather not see progress than to let someone else have the credit.

So the next time you have an idea, no matter how good or bad, write it down. If you can make it happen, and want to, then do it. If not, ask for help. The world will be thankful, even if your name isn’t infront of the idea.


2 responses

  1. sedansvan

    When I read your blog, I was entertained to be able to read what another teenager my age would think. And now I want to show you want I think of your subject (no hard feelings :D):

    1) I believe that both ideas and the procedure are equally important. Without each other, how could an idea have any value? Making one have more value over the other does not affect the idea that they need each other to be significant at all, which makes them equally significant.

    2) Of course there are such things as bad ideas and good ideas. Burning a neighbors house down is definitely a bad idea though because one, they did not ask for it, and two, it does not help anyone. I wouldn’t also call a person selfish for not sharing their great ideas (if it really is great), because there are many other factors besides selfishness that would cause a person to keep quiet.

    This is a bit of what I think of Ideas vs. Procedures, what do you think? I hope you take time to comment 😮

    October 31, 2013 at 6:10 am

    • To reply to the idea about an idea having value, remember that an idea is what makes people famous. For example, Dalton, Copernicus, Jesus, Darwin, Newton, all these people are remembered for their ideas. Procedure is less important for the person with the idea as long as they can illustrate their idea to others. For example let’s move back to the Jesus idea for simplicity of comparison. Jesus preached to how many? Few, and verbally, not very effective. St. Paul however, was able to spread the word of Jesus effectively by writing the New Testament. So do you see how the person with the idea needn’t have both the idea and the procedure? The procedure also is less important for there are a million ways around a hill, it only matters that you get around the hill.

      To reply to the idea of good and bad ideas, remember that we live in the gray of the world and not the black and the white. Nothing is truly evil, and nothing is truly good. You can take anything you want to fight this argument, and I will find some hole in it. Even something as pure as a kitten has evil.

      As for a person with a great idea that they are hiding, think about what worth they have. Maybe my term of selfish seems less than accurate, but my other option was far less than endearing.

      November 9, 2013 at 3:15 am

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