High-school + Drugs = Reality


How I Feel

How I Feel

****http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGDBR2L5kzI Watch this interview of Allen Iverson to know how to read this article.***

Sometimes I go to school you know, and I did my homework the night but I just went through the motions because you know, it practice. It ain’t a game So, the night before, I got myself a basic understanding of the material so that my teacher could enrich my understanding the next day. Well, I go to class and you know what happened? He asked the class a question and no one knew the answer, and then you know what. He told us “It’s right there in your books.” And I’m like “Oh really, I didn’t know. But thanks for telling me. I mean I guess when I go to the library and I ask the librarian “Hey where is the Shakespearian section at” and the librarian would say in the library I’m gonna be grateful for the answer because I didn’t know that. But because that answer was so on point, I know exactly where to look. When I take the AP test and they ask me how the setting contributed to the conflict I should say, Well it was in the universe so it had an effect on something and had some real characteristics, I’m gonna get a 5, GUARENTEED. I mean I just answered the question so well it would be impossible not to.” And you know what pissed me off more, when after a minute, no one knew the answer still and my teacher said, “I can’t do it all for you.” And I say, my brother, you haven’t done none of it for us. Like damn, you give us some bull homework and tell us the answers are in the book. Man, you are my hero.

You know what else. It pisses me off when everyone tries to give me their two cents. Like have you ever thought about that. A penny is the dirtiest coin there is. Finding one that looks copper instead of black is impossible. So I go to school, and all my teachers like to give me their two cents about college. They say, “Oh well in college, your professor this and in college your professor that.” Well EXCUSEEEEE ME. How many colleges have you been to? How many professors have you talked to? Oh wait, you’re a high school teacher, all of them I guess. And teachers seem to forget that there is life outside of traditional schooling. Like honestly, if everyone went to college, what was the value of college? None. It may as well be “SecondaryHigh School.” There is culinary school, automotive school, welding school, nursing school, all these careers that don’t need a traditional college degree but when does a teacher ever talk about that?


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  1. danieln2

    Not a test, not a test. It’s just homework. We ain’t talking about the test that I put all my effort and abilities into and study all night for. We talkin bout homework.

    November 15, 2013 at 3:54 pm

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