High-school + Drugs = Reality

The Challenge:

challengeblogThe challenge is simple really, you must think of nothing. Blackness doesn’t count, that’s a color, nor does whiteness since also a color. No, you must think of endless clearness, glass with no end, and no sparkles. Now you may try.

I’m sure that you can’t do it, I can’t do it, no one can do it. There will always be some color in the background ruining your thoughts of nothing. So from here, we can postulate that “nothing” is impossible by principle of thought. Perhaps the problem is that the mind is too weak to understand nothingness since we have always had something. But in that nothingness which you claim, there is the fact of nothingness, which brings the fact of somethingness which brings around the fact that facts can become more numerous and this just escalates until there is infinite facts. Now you’re brain is confused, but that’s okay, who would have thought that in nothing at all, there is endless something?

The next challenge is more safe for the mind. Simply imagine a new color.

How’s that working for you? It seems that all the colors have already been made doesn’t it? So the mind, which is supposed to be endless, is really quite limited.

The last challenge requires a bit more time and equipment to figure out. As we all know, electrons are leptons (nod with understanding) and are said to be indivisible. Well, then here’s the question: How is it that when electrons absorb photons of light, which have mass (E=mc^2), we don’t think that electrons are made of the same things as photons?


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