High-school + Drugs = Reality

In General, Generality Doesn’t Exist

IKRISPY KREME WHOLE WHEAT DOUGHNUTS was in an interview today, and the interviewers asked me questions and I realized I couldn’t really answer their questions. Not because I was unprepared or didn’t understand them, but rather because they were too generalized. You see, in life, we always talk “in general” but the problem with that is, there are no true circumstances that are “in general”. For example, if a child was sad and crying, in general a good person would try to comfort them right? But what if that child had just stabbed you in the eye? They felt bad and started crying but you surely aren’t going to rush to them and say “it’s okay, everything will be fine.” Or what about the millions of kids being abused at this very moment? You aren’t rushing out to help them. Does this make you a bad person because you don’t do what a “in general” good person would do? Or what about this. Would you want a row boat or a Lamborghini? Well in general you would say a Lamborghini, but in practice, a row boat would probably be able to save your life since you’re on an abandoned island in this circumstance. You see, everything in the world is circumstantial. These examples were purposely outrageous just to open the door of reality to you. But now think about it in your life. When someone asks you what you want to do, doesn’t it change depending on who asks? Doesn’t it change depending on what you can do? We often answer things that are for in general discussions, but we forget that these scenarios in which we are answering for, don’t really exist. In general ideas are good to an extent, but you must realize in life that everything is situational not general and we’ve only prepared ourselves for the general.


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