High-school + Drugs = Reality


What about Free Thought

So here’s my problem. Today at practice some woman told me it was a good thing that I wasn’t owner of the Clippers and I was thinking… Okay well why would I not want to have a billion dollar asset with role models like Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. And then my friend told me that Donald Sterling was fined 2.5 million for saying the N word. Of course he was explicit when he was talking to me because we are young and live in Fountain Valley California so we don’t understand racism. And I was thinking to myself, how can saying that word really be such a bad thing. And I guess you could say that “It’s racist for a white person to say that” but then think about it. If you give one group of people the right to do something but no one else can do it, isn’t that racist? Isn’t that segregation. On the same token about equality and segregation, if women want perfect equality, then should the next draft be all women? And you say no it should be men and women but then think about it. There were already all male drafts, so shouldn’t there have to be all female ones to balance out or do we discount the past? And if we discount the past, then why would a word like the N word matter? It shouldn’t and anyone should be able to use it since now it is just a word with a denotation and no connotation. But it turns out he said a lot more than that word, which I didn’t actually hear him say once, and he was racist against black people. But he did say something that I sort of understood. He said that that’s how his culture is, that’s how he grew up and was raised. And I thought, so if there is equality, then aren’t we saying the past was wrong and our ancestors are worse than us because they believed in inequality? Isn’t it that same kind of mindset that one people is more right than another that creates this racist, prejudice attitude? Are we at a point in time of history where anything we do can be considered both good and bad?


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