High-school + Drugs = Reality


California Driving


One of the interesting things about my life is, I never imagined high school at all. In elementary school I looked to middle school, and in middle school I looked towards college. I guess it’s because I knew where I would go to middle school and where I would like to go to college, but I never even had an idea of where I would go to high school. I honestly don’t even know how I wound up in FV like I did. And because I never thought about high school, I never thought about driving really. But now, it’s all I like to think about, well that and girls but I’m a teen so what it’s more than expected.

So the question is, why am I so entranced by driving? And it’s simple, we as humans love being in charge of something much greater than ourselves. I love being able to push my foot to the floor and start running 100 mph, with my windows down and the music blasting (of course I would never do that), it makes me feel Godly. But think bigger than one car, think of a million cars, or even a million TANKS. With one word, a general can command all those tanks to fire, or retreat, talk about power.


In General, Generality Doesn’t Exist

IKRISPY KREME WHOLE WHEAT DOUGHNUTS was in an interview today, and the interviewers asked me questions and I realized I couldn’t really answer their questions. Not because I was unprepared or didn’t understand them, but rather because they were too generalized. You see, in life, we always talk “in general” but the problem with that is, there are no true circumstances that are “in general”. For example, if a child was sad and crying, in general a good person would try to comfort them right? But what if that child had just stabbed you in the eye? They felt bad and started crying but you surely aren’t going to rush to them and say “it’s okay, everything will be fine.” Or what about the millions of kids being abused at this very moment? You aren’t rushing out to help them. Does this make you a bad person because you don’t do what a “in general” good person would do? Or what about this. Would you want a row boat or a Lamborghini? Well in general you would say a Lamborghini, but in practice, a row boat would probably be able to save your life since you’re on an abandoned island in this circumstance. You see, everything in the world is circumstantial. These examples were purposely outrageous just to open the door of reality to you. But now think about it in your life. When someone asks you what you want to do, doesn’t it change depending on who asks? Doesn’t it change depending on what you can do? We often answer things that are for in general discussions, but we forget that these scenarios in which we are answering for, don’t really exist. In general ideas are good to an extent, but you must realize in life that everything is situational not general and we’ve only prepared ourselves for the general.

Why are Kids Considered Kids For So Long?

inequalityWell here’s the point: I already know right from wrong. My parents’ main job is done. They have given me the capability to be a good human being.

But then, why am I not considered an adult yet?  I can tell the difference from right and wrong, I’m physically capable of reproduction, I’m physically bigger, stronger, faster, and have more endurance than general population, and am capable of higher level thought than general population. Yet I am still considered inferior. We have tests for everything, why not have an adult test. This notion that age is such an important factor is ridiculous. Think about it. We have overcome racial and sexual equality issues (at least where I live), but we still feel discriminating by something as simple as age is right.

How to Sleep Better

Now the problem is, I am tired. And what that makes me think is that I love sleep because I realize how much sleep means to me and that I really like when I feel rested. But here’s the thing, I realized that I don’t love sleep. I realized that I hate a lack of sleep. Do I love good grades or do I hate bad ones? Do I love eating or do I love the taste of food? Do I like exercise or do I hate being fat? Kitty-sleeping-on-a-bunny

French Revolution, I wonder…

So you may notice I have this same photo below, I recently thought about everything this makes me feel. I was wondering why death was a sport back then, and maybe it’s because it happened so much that it was usual and that as long as it wasn’t happening to them, they were happy. But my next thought was to the victim. Why would they let themselves be walked to sure death instead of running away?



One Word, Big Meaning

ImageWe are an ever evolving species, becoming smarter and smarter every second. We are now more capable than at any time in our past because our brains are developing faster and we are living longer to allow for more use of our intellect. As we evolve, so do our means of communication. Just last year, text messaging was unheard of. Please note the hyperbole, but realize that the way the written message is sent and received has vastly improved in a short amount of time. With this new type of communication came shorthand to further increase the speed at which ideas can travel. Whole sentences are cut down into mere letters and more and more acronyms are being made every day. Now we can think of these as a breakdown in society where all the children who talk like dis r social degenerates, or we can realize what they are really doing to the English language: improving it. I have never written a paper and had my teacher say, “You must write ‘t is’ instead of ‘it’s’ because it’s proper.” That would be silly since “it’s” is perfectly proper.

So, logically thinking, since “OMG” is the same sort of contraction as “it’s”, shouldn’t it be accepted in writing? Also, if you can convey a complete idea in one word, why do we need a whole sentence? We are so caught up in believing that the contractions and shortcuts that kids engineered are harmful, but we forget that we grew up with the same type of thing. We also forget these contractions are more advanced intellectually than their constituent words since they have combined meaning and came after the original words. Perhaps English teachers need to wake up and realize that this new shorthand is some of the most advanced writing there’s been since Shakespeare.

Inner Beauty

mila-kunis-in-forgetting-sarah-marshall-forgetting-sarah-marshall-1738370770As men, we say that inner beauty is what matters but no one believes us, sometimes we don’t even believe ourselves. But perhaps we aren’t taking things literally enough. I judge girls on their inner beauty because anyone can be beautiful when they are painted like a doll. But hear me out, this doesn’t mean that appearance isn’t important. You see, I am able to say “it’s what’s on the inside that counts” because I understand biology. Genes, the things that give us the appearance we have, are on the inside. Perhaps it’s trickery, but that’s just good literature my good gentlemen.