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Winning or for the Fun?

ImageDoes winning matter?

If you said yes you are SO WRONG. If you said no you are SO WRONG. How can you answer a question like this without more information? Are you seriously going to sit there and say that winning matters when you’re 25 and playing your five year old cousin at a thumb war? Are you really going to sit there and tell me your life is so changed because you DIDN’T win the lottery. Give me a break. But you know what? Winning does matter sometimes, like in war, or your battle with cancer. If you said “it depends” I would really like to thank you because recently our world is full of people who just want to say the first thing that comes to their mind no matter what. And if that keeps happening, then I’m going to open up a flower shop because so many “I’m sorry” bouquets will be sold I’ll be able to retire at 30.

As ideas are gas and words their container, any amount of thought will take up all of a word and anyone can easily see that. However it takes a trained eye to realize that it is not the volume of the gas, but rather the density that constitutes how much substance is actually being conveyed. Ideas are tricky like that.