High-school + Drugs = Reality


California Driving


One of the interesting things about my life is, I never imagined high school at all. In elementary school I looked to middle school, and in middle school I looked towards college. I guess it’s because I knew where I would go to middle school and where I would like to go to college, but I never even had an idea of where I would go to high school. I honestly don’t even know how I wound up in FV like I did. And because I never thought about high school, I never thought about driving really. But now, it’s all I like to think about, well that and girls but I’m a teen so what it’s more than expected.

So the question is, why am I so entranced by driving? And it’s simple, we as humans love being in charge of something much greater than ourselves. I love being able to push my foot to the floor and start running 100 mph, with my windows down and the music blasting (of course I would never do that), it makes me feel Godly. But think bigger than one car, think of a million cars, or even a million TANKS. With one word, a general can command all those tanks to fire, or retreat, talk about power.


One Word, Big Meaning

ImageWe are an ever evolving species, becoming smarter and smarter every second. We are now more capable than at any time in our past because our brains are developing faster and we are living longer to allow for more use of our intellect. As we evolve, so do our means of communication. Just last year, text messaging was unheard of. Please note the hyperbole, but realize that the way the written message is sent and received has vastly improved in a short amount of time. With this new type of communication came shorthand to further increase the speed at which ideas can travel. Whole sentences are cut down into mere letters and more and more acronyms are being made every day. Now we can think of these as a breakdown in society where all the children who talk like dis r social degenerates, or we can realize what they are really doing to the English language: improving it. I have never written a paper and had my teacher say, “You must write ‘t is’ instead of ‘it’s’ because it’s proper.” That would be silly since “it’s” is perfectly proper.

So, logically thinking, since “OMG” is the same sort of contraction as “it’s”, shouldn’t it be accepted in writing? Also, if you can convey a complete idea in one word, why do we need a whole sentence? We are so caught up in believing that the contractions and shortcuts that kids engineered are harmful, but we forget that we grew up with the same type of thing. We also forget these contractions are more advanced intellectually than their constituent words since they have combined meaning and came after the original words. Perhaps English teachers need to wake up and realize that this new shorthand is some of the most advanced writing there’s been since Shakespeare.

Inner Beauty

mila-kunis-in-forgetting-sarah-marshall-forgetting-sarah-marshall-1738370770As men, we say that inner beauty is what matters but no one believes us, sometimes we don’t even believe ourselves. But perhaps we aren’t taking things literally enough. I judge girls on their inner beauty because anyone can be beautiful when they are painted like a doll. But hear me out, this doesn’t mean that appearance isn’t important. You see, I am able to say “it’s what’s on the inside that counts” because I understand biology. Genes, the things that give us the appearance we have, are on the inside. Perhaps it’s trickery, but that’s just good literature my good gentlemen.

The World’s Funny

upsetI was in the car with my mom, and she kept asking me this question. I told her, “Mom I’m not a dictionary, I don’t know.” She said yes you do and this went on for a matter of turns until I got pissed of and shouted, “I DON’T KNOW!” The whole time, I was playing 4 Pics 1 Word. This was the level I was on when I lost it.

Winning or for the Fun?

ImageDoes winning matter?

If you said yes you are SO WRONG. If you said no you are SO WRONG. How can you answer a question like this without more information? Are you seriously going to sit there and say that winning matters when you’re 25 and playing your five year old cousin at a thumb war? Are you really going to sit there and tell me your life is so changed because you DIDN’T win the lottery. Give me a break. But you know what? Winning does matter sometimes, like in war, or your battle with cancer. If you said “it depends” I would really like to thank you because recently our world is full of people who just want to say the first thing that comes to their mind no matter what. And if that keeps happening, then I’m going to open up a flower shop because so many “I’m sorry” bouquets will be sold I’ll be able to retire at 30.

As ideas are gas and words their container, any amount of thought will take up all of a word and anyone can easily see that. However it takes a trained eye to realize that it is not the volume of the gas, but rather the density that constitutes how much substance is actually being conveyed. Ideas are tricky like that.

The Saddest Time of the Year

ImageI remember when I was very young, and my family would always have a Christmas Eve party, and all my cousins would come and it ht me. I would tip toe down the stairs as quietly as I could, have on my feet, and half on the rail because the rail didn’t creak as loud as the actual stairs. I would go downstairs and see new boxes, but then get nervous and go back up stairs to¬†would be so fun to see them and life was good. They brought me a present, and we played hide-n-seek. It was so great, family all around, delicious food, and tons of present under the tree with my name on them. It made me so happy, and everything was perfect. And knowing that Santa would come down my chimney and drink some milk and cookies in exchange for more presents made it all the better. In fact, I was so excited for Santa’s arrival that I would wake up at 5 AM and go downstairs just to see what he brougbed to try to sleep for a minute longer. At 7, I would finally drag my parents out of bed and my mom would put some cinnamon roles in the oven so we could have breakfast. We would open our presents, and I would play with them. Christmas was so perfect when I was little because I had a million things I wanted and I truly believed that having those things would make me happy. But now I realize that the only thing that can make me truly happy is being with the people I love and making memories. Corporate America has RUINED Christmas. I mean, really, they put Black Friday the day after THANKSGIVING. Good job America.

I beseech you, revolt like the French in 1787, and rise up against the corporate tyranny. CLAIM THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT BACK. We cannot allow ourselves to give up the our holidays that come once a year for a sale that comes around every weekend.

We Talk

imagesCAM5H626Let’s imagine the universe mathematically. If we believe in the Big Bang, then wouldn’t that mean that this universe isn’t necesarilly the first universe? If that’s true, consider how probable it was that there was a planet just like earth. Especially considering how many galaxies and nebulas and solar systems there are. Now think about the life forms that inhabit and have inhabited all those planets. Odds are they were capable of thought just like you, and every thought you have, has already been thought of in the same way by someone(thing) else and that there is no originality at all in life. So maybe instead of “innovation” we should call it absent-minded plagerism since we are just stealing some alien’s ideas from millions of years ago.